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Christian Beikov

My name is Christian Beikov and I am 19 years old. I successfully graduated at the HTL EDVO St.Poelten and will attend to the Technical University of Vienna this year. I currently live in Boeheimkrichen in Austria. My hobbies are programming, surfing, going out with my friends to discos and so on.

I started with project oriented programming about 3 years ago. A schoolmate and I wanted to make a game programmed in C#. We learned how to work together and finally decided to set up a new project after we succeeded our game project. That was a simple website for his uncle and we did a really nice job! I made a simple CMS for his specific content which was realized with the Dojo-Framework in the Frontend.

Now we founded a company and sell our software. You can visit our site here: http://www.blazebit.com. Now we’re currently working on our Blaze Framework and on the Blaze CMS and are searching for new clients.

You can contact me via my contact form or via some social networks. You can click on the right sidebar on an icon of a social network to get to my profile.