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Hey guys out there!

I wasn’t active for a long time now. I had really much to do so far.
I worked a lot in my school holidays in Graz which is located in the south of Austria (Styria).
3 weeks ago the school started and now I will write a diploma in programming.
Because I have to document all the stuff I do I will keep you update of what I am doing.

Here a short introduction of what I will do…

The project is called, Reporting in the project SAS III
SAS (School Administration Software) is a big program for schools in Austria.
Many schools use this to manage all things they need for a school year, for example managing data of students, teachers, other personal, generate lists of classes and so on…
There are really many functions. You can’t imagine how big it is.
Yeah and my job is to make the reporting for that system.

It’s not easy because at the moment there are about 200 different reports, and these reports have to be available in formats like, XML, CSV, PDF and many more.
So it’s a hard thing to write those Reports all by hand. That’s why we will use JasperReports!
I will tell you more soon, now we will make a kind of study about the topic Reporting.


Steckmann Reinhard, postet this comment on Jan 18th, 2010

hello you. i just wanted to say, that your blog is really really cool!

Christian Beikov, postet this comment on Jan 19th, 2010

Thanks! I just saw that you are from the Kolpingheim! In which class do you are in the edvo?

Steckmann Reinhard, postet this comment on Mar 10th, 2010

Hi there! Yes that is true, but I am not longer in the kolpingheim because my parents dont want to pay so much. I am from Amstetten and I usally live in a small, dark but clean basement. :)
It is really nice and I like it. And my grandfat.. fath.. brothe.. nevermind.. likes me too! :)

Z1 guy, postet this comment on Jul 17th, 2010

Great information, I just bookmarked you.

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