Presentation of Blazebit CMS

posted on Oct 19 by admin in the News category
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In school we have a day on which everyone can come and take a look of how that school is and so on. Translated into English it’s called, “the day of the open door”.
There we, Bernd Artmueller and I, are probably allowed to present our Blazebit CMS to the visitors.

We are really proud of it and when we get the final decision about that I will try to complete the CMS until that day. The CMS will get redesigned by Bernd Artmueller and we will also get a new Webdesign for our portfolio.
There will be many companies to look at how the students are doing and with that CMS we will be probably the stars of the day ;)

So in the next days I will let you know how it is going on.
By the way you can test and check our CMS if you want to.

At the moment we are changing the structure a bit so there will be major changes to the CMS.

I hope you like it and maybe give me some feedback of what I could change!

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